Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A few more pictures from Fulani Ministries

Here are the kindergarteners and first grade planting some mango trees. Fulani Ministries teaches the Africans to put back trees for however many they cut down. They also teach them how to manage garbage in a way that is healthy for themselves and the Earth.
The guys who showed us how to work the soil and plant the trees are graduates from the church planting program. They were very kind and great teachers. They explained to the kids about how trees grow and how termites can kill whole plantations. They showed us the fertilizer that repels termites but is still good for the soil. The second photo shows the tool that they use to dig. I have to say that it was kind of intimidating! Also, these hats are made and sold by the Fulani.
This is used for shaping the bricks. The bricks are made from mud and straw. The mud is pushed around with the feet to get all the air out and then packed tightly into the mold. It gets pushed out of the mold and then sits in the sun to dry.

Here is kindergarten squishing mud (how fun is that?) and then the end results. Mudbricks! Everything here is constructed from mud bricks. They don't last very long unless they are covered by cement. Fulani ministries teaches people how to make cement with sand.
Finally, our whole time spent at the Fulani ministry we were priveleged to have traditional Fulani music. The two stringed "hoddu" is simmilar to a banjo and is made of a gourd and goat skin. They played gourd drums and showed us some traditional Fulani dancing.

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