Monday, July 30, 2012

Are those geckos on my walls?

So our 24 hour plane ride was about as miserable as it gets.  Thankfully I did not puke like I tend to do on planes.  I am not a good flyer, but it was all worth it once i got there.  It was like Christmas for the Hillhouses when we showed them all the American food that we brought to them. They were so happy about the pepperoni!
Jet lag didnt hit us too hard.  We were awake enough for a tour of the city and a trip to a cute outdoor restaurant.  Boef le creme is really popular when you eat out in Burkina Faso.  It was kind of like steak with a cream mushroom sauce. They eat alot of potatoes and beans too.  Most meals include rice and lots of veggies. The city is crowded, but I love it. Moto is the main mode of Transportation.  They are everywhere and there are no street signs... even if there were, the Burkinabe wouldnt follow them. haha.
When we got home it was dark and I noticed little animals all ove the ceiling and walls outside and inside Chris's apartment.  They are everywhere and I love them.  I went to sleep at 11pm Burkina time which is 6pm Missouri time.  I didnt wake up until 10am.  It was one of those sleeps where you wake up with the bed still mostly made because you slept so soundly. I fell asleep to the rhythm of our neighbors' African music.  My room is so comfortable and I love my shower because its not closed in.  all of the showers here are just hung above a drain in the floor of the bathroom. 
My first full day was mostly meeting the neighbors and the people who work at the house.  My French is so limited.  I really cannot wait to start full-time lessons next week. 
I also went to a tourist market.  I got to learn how to use the Francs and haggle in French.  I got a little elephant sculpture and some bracelets and a box made out of bottle caps.  I also had my first experience with the supermarche.  The biggest grocery store is smaller than the Price Chopper that I used to work at.  But I love it.  Its very similar to the Asian market that I have been shopping at in Americsa for the last few months.  I learned how to cook a traditional African dish called Sauce D'Arachide.  It is like a beef gravy over rice.  It is peanut butter based and so delicious.  I think I'm going to like it here, even with geckos on the walls.